​​ Las Vegas Display Fireworks Inc.

Fireworks, as an experience, is a lot like seeing a show on the Las Vegas Strip. 

You can't quite tell how many young ladies are dancing on stage, but whether it's one or six hundred, it doesn't matter! As a member of the audience, you either say the show was excellent, or it was not. You don't don't stop to count how many performers there are to determine the quality of the show.

The same can be said with display fireworks.

​Having said that, it makes it difficult to put a price on your desired experience.

We've worked within all types of budgets and show durations. We can tell you if your budget is a couple hundred dollars; however, you might end up with our 80 year old senior partner running around with a fist full of sparklers!

I jest, he doesn't run very well, which is why our minimum starting budget is $5,000. That minimum budget can cover a more intimate show. Larger aerial displays do run a bit more, typically between $1,500 to $2,000 per minute, sometimes more if music choreography is involved.

Please contact us with your individual needs, and we will design a show to fit your budget, as well as your available space!