​​ Las Vegas Display Fireworks Inc.

Las Vegas Display Fireworks Inc. was acquired by Robert "Bob" WInokur and Greg Gerstner in 1978. Over the years it was run as a side business to fuel a passionate hobby, which evolved with the world of fireworks over 38 years. Combining Bob's extensive knowledge of pyrotechnic chemistry, and Greg's theatrical and entertainment experience, Las Vegas Display Fireworks Inc. was able to demonstrate fantastic artistry, even on a budget!

(Surprisingly) There have been no claims against our insurance or major accidents for the past 38 years!

Oddly enough for a couple old guys setting up explosives for the better part of 40 years, they both still have all their fingers and toes!

Greg has recently retired, leaving his nephew Will Scott partners with Bob.

He's only 25, but he's been with the company for 25 years. The math behind that is pretty sweet!

We always have, and always will commit every resource at our disposal to guarantee a safe show, from set up through tear down. We pride ourselves on our safety record.